It’s December 31st, 2025… and we’re so happy and grateful for the expansive growth we’ve experienced over the last three years by coming from our vision and making it our reality.

We are known as the world’s premier company for helping entrepreneurs/CEOs clarify and communicate their vision for the future.

Because we believe that when leaders and their companies are clear about what and why they are doing what they’re doing, they’ll find more meaning on the journey, especially in the moments they forget and when challenges arise. 

Here’s how…
It Starts With

Our values aren’t just inspiring words. We practice them every day. We’re not perfect… but we’re committed to being the best we can be.

We believe in
Expansive Growth.

We hold the vision, not the circumstance.

We believe in
Compassionate honesty.

We communicate with compassion and respect for others.

We believe in
Aligned action.

We grow with positive and focussed momentum.

We believe in
Full ownership.

We live on the solution side of situations.

We believe in
Fun & joy.

We generate fun and joy on the journey.


“A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality.”
- John Carmack

Our Founder and CVO (Chief Vision Officer) is the Vision Holder who upholds the frequency and integrity of our vision, cultivates our team of A-players, and focuses on strategic projects that make our vision a reality.

Our Integrator works closely with the CVO to uphold high-quality performance and standards across the board and ensure daily operations with the team and projects run smoothly.

We cultivate an environment that supports our team members to be in their unique ability, expand their capabilities, and provide them a clear growth track so they can fulfill their life vision both personally and professionally.

Some of the key roles
On our team include…

Operations, Execution, Supporting Team. Project Management.

Vision Holder, Opportunity Finder, Speaking/Trainer, Coaching Team 

Execution of marketing initiatives, managing marketing calendar, work with different agencies, tracking/data for marketing.

  • Copywriters
  • Designers
  • Developers

Running the sales team.

  • Salesperson/ Program Specialists & Sales Setters

Managing key projects and moving them forward.

Trained coaches and facilitators to guide our clients.

  • Vivid Vision Copywriters & Designers
Gatekeeper, CEO’s right hand

Managing client relationships, projects, and support. 

Also, we work with agencies that are aligned for tech, video, developers, designers, ads teams, etc.

Everyone involved in our team, whether employee or contractor, is aligned with our vision and values and is committed in being part of bringing it to life. 


Working at Vision Driven

means being a self-leader.

The company is kinda like a supercharged garden bed that provides the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients to help our team members flourish personally and professionally and help the company bring the vision to life.

We set a standard in the industry for what’s possible when it comes to company culture through values-based decision-making, having each other’s back, and playing at our best. We have personal/professional growth training woven into the fabric of our company culture. We invest in our team members through outside coaching, live events, and online courses and training to sharpen their minds and craft.

Additionally, our team members are also invested in their growth journey and live the work we believe which is that we are the creators of our reality and are consistently expanding themselves so they can touch their next best in all areas of life.

Our team culture & communication playbook lays out how we roll when acknowledging tough conversations with compassionate honesty and cleaning up a breakdown when things didn’t go as planned. We show up and set a standard for excellence…we fail forward…but don’t lower our standards to tolerate sloppy mistakes.  We don’t subscribe to status quo or settle for good enough.  We embrace change and innovate. 

Our leadership planning sessions happen in person, 1-2x year, in beautiful locations like Cabo, Sedona, and Austin. We always start by anchoring to our Vivid Vision and Values and balance the intentional strategizing time with team-building activities like surf lessons and massages.

Twice a year, we take 1-2 weeks off company-wide to counterpose our intense and focused sprints so our team can rest, refresh, and spend time with their family and friends. We also offer team members self-care credits every month to ensure they are getting regular massages, acupuncture, and vitamin IV’s to show up as their best. 

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
- Albert Einstein

We’ve created a 5-star experience where our products and services speak for themselves with our clients being raving fans that can’t help but want to share them with others.

Here are a few ways we help them…

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs clarify and communicate their vision for their business and life through our…

Retreats & workshops
in beautiful locations
Courses and
online trainings
DFY Vivid Vision Journey (interviewing, writing & designing process)
(And later) Vision Facilitator Certification
And other offerings that are aligned with what we do and why we do it.
Retreats &
workshops in
beautiful locations
Courses and
online trainings
DFY Vivid Vision
writing & designing
(And later)
Vision Facilitator
And other
offerings that
are aligned with
what we do and
why we do it.

A couple of times per year we have “Accelerator Weeks” where we fly in team members to an epic location and we do a week incubator where we build out a new project or launch. Each day we’re doing breathwork or meditating together and bring in massage therapists, yoga instructors, and breathwork classes in the evenings to counterpose and ensure we show up at our best.

Each employee is given an office swag fund when they join the team so they can set up their home office with a standing desk, laptop, dual screens, a comfy chair, and office plants for optimal productivity and joy.

When we host client retreats and workshops, we intentionally choose beautiful five-star locations that feel expansive and life-living so our team and clients can tap into their ‘vision state’. 



We have become the world’s household name for vision-driven entrepreneurs who want to communicate their vision and message to their world.  

Our sales and marketing process perfectly represents who we are and the message we’re here to share. It’s all guided by one of our core pillars: 



Our prospects feel understood and inspired to work with us, and our entire sales and marketing funnel is congruent, inviting, and results-oriented.

Guided by our innovative marketing team who really get the brand message, marketing, and are driven by the data by tracking and knowing all of the key numbers. 

We are very intentional and focused when it comes to our strategy and have doubled down on JV’s/affiliates, speaking on the top in-person/virtual stages, and have two predictable selling systems through paid advertising. 

Sara Blakely
Suzy batiz
Richard Branson
Elon musk

We have a top-ranked podcast and Youtube show where our founder interviews some of the world’s biggest visionaries like Sara Blakey, Suzy Batiz, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and many others.  Our content is so focused on helping vision-driven entrepreneurs that we commonly get messages from them saying, “It’s like you’re in my head” when they read, listen, or watch any of our ads or marketing. 

By the time our prospects get to a conversation with one of our enrollment specialists or land on one of our sales pages, they are already pre-qualified, pre-motivated, and pre-positioned to want to do business with us. After they’ve worked with us, it’s very common that they refer 3-5 other entrepreneurs like them because the process and their results were so impactful.  

“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.”
– Estée Lauder

The result that we’re most proud of is the 500+ client success stories that we have received and proudly display on our website.  We save and celebrate every email, video, testimonial, and win we receive from our clients, who often start their sentences with, “Remember that vision we came up with? It happened!”  

Media like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes,, Inc. often reference us as… 

The company behind some of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs…

The place to go to clarify & communicate your vision and message. 

The company that’s transforming the way businesses set goals’ 

And Oprah even invited and had our founder Jennifer on Super Soul Sunday to talk about the importance of vision and referenced her as one of the 

World’s Next Generation of Conscious Leaders


Our founder is often seen speaking on some of the world’s biggest stages like Tony Robbins Business Mastery, 10XCon, TED, Genius Network Annual Event, and many others to share our mission with the world.

We were on the Inc. 5000 list the last three years in a row as one of the fastest-growing companies and have won “Best Places To Work” awards. 


We are thriving financially, and the abundance provides us with the resources to invest back into our business, team, client experience, and our community. 

Here are our numbers from the last few years (or something better!): 

We installed a profit-sharing program for key team members so they are incentivized to build and grow the company and are financially rewarded for it. 



“Life gives to the giver… and takes from the taker.”

– Joe Polish

We connect to the law of giving by infusing it into our business model and way of being.

We have initiatives where we donate a % of the money we earn on certain products or a buy-one-give-one model. For example, for every Vivid Vision we create, we help a budding kidpreneur create their own Vivid Vision by developing online courses and training to help them.

We have created aligned partnerships with non-profit organizations to bring the power of vision to people in need like addiction, recovery, and those who have been in difficult situations starting over.

We have fun coming up with creative ways to give a percentage of our profits each year to non-profits that are aligned to the causes we’re focussed on. 



“Don’t ask the gift to serve you, you serve the gift.”
– Mary Morrissey

During a time when things felt extra chaotic, overwhelming, and scary in my life, I reached out to one of my mentors for advice.

That advice landed in my cells at the moment I needed it most. And because I was clear of what my vision was I was able to anchor back into it and as a result transform my business and life for the better.

I know in my heart that vision-driven entrepreneurs are the ones who are going to transform the world for the better… but that can only happen if they have the ability to communicate their vision and message in a clear and powerful way.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve built a company that others want to model… not for vanity reasons but because we’ve created a win-win-win model that’s become a gold standard for others to rise and play a bigger game and build businesses that are “good” for everyone involved.

Some of my close mentors include Mary Morrissey, Joe Polish, JJ Virgin, Sara Blakely, Rich Christensen, and Cameron Herold, who help to challenge me to grow as a leader.

I am regularly invited to facilitate discussions for large organizations like

United Nations to help the stakeholders clarify and hold a vision

while resolving conflicts and mapping solutions.

My North Star has always been to become the most grateful and generous woman I can be and live out the vision Source has for me to bring to the world.

I’ve been given the greatest gift, which is to know what I’m put on this planet to do, which is to help connect the world to VISION. I don’t take this lightly and am committed to serving the gift fully.

Every day I wake up feeling so grateful, passionate and honored for the work I get to do in the world and the opportunity to lead and guide my team and clients.

And this all brings me to you.

This Vivid Vision is going to take the right people.

Whether you are a current or up-and-coming Vision Driven Global...

…I would love to hear from you on how you believe you can help make this vision a reality faster. I’d love to hear how you’d like to support!

Email me at to share how you’d like to be involved.